Online Procurement System
OPS provides simple and effective tools to manage your procurement services
The Online Procurement System (OPS) is a complete e-procurement platform, designed to deliver an easy-to-use system that provides cost effective methods to help identify and engage with capable suppliers.
The system has full supplier on-boarding, pre-qualification functionality, sourcing management modules and powerful tools to manage the full procurement process.
Advanced reporting and data analytics provide greater insight into project opportunities and local benefits.  Easily view critical information on category management, cost management, supplier performance, geolocation mapping for regional spend and RFx submission statistics.  These data points will help your procurement team report on spend visibility, vendor selection, category management and compliance.
OPS supplier management module efficiently manages supplier relationships and facilitates the introduction of suppliers into the organisation’s supply chain.  The module includes customised supplier registration forms, business document requirements and pre-qualification questionnaires.
OPS actively demonstrates local community engagement and reports on benefits created by the project in the region.  Our experience of connecting local businesses to major projects and expertise in EOI and RFx procurement processes, includes purpose built portals for companies like Rio Tinto and Origin Energy.
Our team of specialist staff have a wide range of experience in Mining, Oil & Gas, technology and procurement. This helps us to identify products, services and capabilities to assist our clients in the acquisition of goods and services to minimise imports and retain opportunities for local industry.
With more than 30 years experience, our team is able to provide consultancy services to improve all aspects of the procurement process.
Key Benefits
Cost Savings
Paperless, Audit Trail & Probity
Greater Control
Live Statistical Reporting
User Friendly Design
  • OPS captures spend across suppliers and categories, which helps to identify and manage spend most efficiently, identify cost savings measures and achieve cost savingsSupplier registration and on-boarding process that can be configured and customised to suit almost any business requirement. Registrations are submitted for review and approval to complete supplier verification process and for the pre-qualification process.
  • OPS assists in streamlining the process achieves reduced resource and process costs
  • Identify cost saving opportunities, manage savings, make purchases and payments, all through a unified procurement platform
  • OPS manages the P2P process seamlessly within the system, helps achieving paperless processes
  • Detailed audit trail available from any transaction managed using system
  • Probity of transactions can be maintained using lockdown bidding option
  • Simplification of the Procurement Process for strategic and low cost spend alike
  • Supplier single point of opportunity management, submission to tender and supply management
  • Standardize on field-tested, procurement process management best-practices and workflows
  • Caters for businesses of all sizes and complexities, from single owner-centres to large businesses
  • OPS methodology is based on procurement best practice, and is designed to facilitate the procure-to-pay process management of a range of goods and services for strategic and day to day transactional spendDefine EOI / RFx details including open date, close date, scope of works, required question and answer sets and any mandatory supplier documentation such as insurances, WHS policies, and brochures
  • Keeps track of every step in the purchasing process
  • A single system to manage all your supply chain needs, with consolidated ordering, management and payments
  • Boost adoption and drive enterprise-wide compliance with intelligent, intuitive interfaces and user-centric design
  • Reports are derived through various elements of data within the system, including Supplier Spend and Category Spend
  • Reporting drives improvement, allowing for decision making based on key parameters for lead and lag indicators
  • Local Government Authority (LGA) heat map to demonstrate local spend geographically through LGA postcode
  • User-friendly – designed for intuitive use and easy adoption. Convenient 24/7 access anytime, anywhere
  • The system can be  customised to align with client processes and terminology requirements
  • Device agnostic, accessible from any internet enabled device and can interface with backend systems via an API
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OPS will help demonstrate local benefits and opportunities for your projects
Rio Tinto Iron Ore had spent almost $57 billion over 7 years with Western Australian businesses and wanted to improve in a number of ways. Management wanted to take the system on-line through a web portal, aiming to provide improved visibility of upcoming contracts and allowing more WA businesses to lodge their interest for future work.  It was also an expressed aim to assist more WA and Pilbara Aboriginal businesses to obtain work with Rio Tinto through improved accessibility.
Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ore business has more than 1,200 WA suppliers. As such, Rio Tinto Iron Ore is one of the biggest businesses in WA and they value their place in the community.
Rio Tinto are proud that 77 per cent of procurement is already with WA local suppliers, but they want to increase supplier engagement and also demonstrate this openly and easily in the normal course of operations with Online Procurement Services.
Origin Energy / APLNG has a procurement requirement for a significant number of smaller sized goods and services, covering construction, operations and land owner agreements. All of which will be an ongoing requirement as the project transitions into the operations and maintenance phase. Origin Energy wishes to provide a facility that specifically targets smaller companies based in regions where Origin Energy operates, initially the Western Downs and Maranoa regions.
Online Procurement SystemThe company required a practical solution for their need to provide a Regional Buy procurement system that would engage with local businesses as key suppliers for their regional operations.
In 2016, Origin Energy sought a solution to enhance their Regional Buy Program capability in the APLNG operations of Queensland’s Western Darling Downs and Maranoa regions and selected Online Procurement Services as their trusted partner.
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OPS Core Modules
Supplier On-Boarding
Supplier Pre-Qualification & Validation
Supplier Relationship Management
Procure-2-Pay & Sourcing Management
Statistical Data Reporting
  • On boarding of suppliers onto OPS merely requires an email address to send out an invitation to register through your own branded portal.
  • Suppliers are taken through an easy to use registration wizard. Once complete suppliers will then be requested to complete an online pre-qualification questionnaire.
  • OPS allows for multiple pre-qualification templates, to suit various category requirements e.g. goods and services.
  • Supplier registration and verification is configured to capture only supplier profile details relevant to your company.
  • Supplier information includes; Company validation check, Business and contact details, Organisation structure, Categories of supply/services, Products and services offered.
  • Documentation on capability, insurances, licences and statutory declaration.
  • Easily release EOI, RFT, RFQ to your supplier base via a dedicated and branded portal.
  • OPS can provide an optional consultancy service to assist project proponent and/or contractors.
  • Our consultants work with the project to shortlist capable suppliers against the detailed scopes of work.
  • OPS is a full P2P system which facilitates procurement and payment of a range of goods and services, in the company’s or project’s regions.
  • OPS methodology is based on procurement best practice, and is designed to facilitate the procure-to-pay process management of a range of goods and services for day to day transactional spend.
  • Reports are derived through various elements of data within the system, including Supplier Spend and Category Spend.
  • Reporting drives improvement, allowing for decision making based on key parameters for lead and lag indicators.
  • Local Government Authority (LGA) heat map to demonstrate local spend geographically through LGA postcode.
OPS will drive efficiencies and save money in your procurement process

The average purchase order processing cost is $429, or as high as $1778 for engineering / construction and below $200 for chemical, industrial manufacturing, metals & mining, and pharmaceuticals.

The average PO processing cost varies according to who you talk to however what research has shown is that significant savings have been derived out of implementing an automated procurement process such as the Online Procurement System. Indicators are that an average of 30% reduction in PO processing costs are able to be derived utilising OPS, through automation, three way matching and paperless process.

Further reductions in costs will be driven by the supplier registration process which negates the need to register suppliers manually. OPS are leaders in this space, and have refined the supplier registration and pre-qualification process to ensure that a level of ownership is passed on to the supplier, which would previously have been done manually.