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Small and medium businesses are now moving towards e-procurement
E-Procurement platforms have largely been the domain of big companies for the last decade, but that is changing with mid-sized companies now enjoying the benefits.
Why automated supply chains need to be part of your digital transformation
What is digital transformation? It is a term we hear a lot, but what does it actually mean for businesses across all industries?
Why Australia could be the digital hub of global supply chains post-COVID
Australia could emerge as a heartland for digital supply chain services after the COVID-19 global pandemic in a bid to ensure the current instability is not experienced again in the future.
Almost three-quarters of supply chain methods will change post-COVID
A staggering 97 per cent of global organisations experienced supply chain disruptions because of COVID-19 – which is going to change procurement forever in the future.
E-procurement saving farmers from COVID-19 wipeout
Farmers around the world have been turning to e-procurement solutions to keep their operations going in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.
How COVID-19 could launch an Australian manufacturing revival
In recent years, the Australian manufacturing landscape has taken several significant hits.
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