Why automated supply chains need to be part of your digital transformation

What is digital transformation? It is a term we hear a lot, but what does it actually mean for businesses across all industries?

Put simply, digital transformation is the ability to be agile and adopt a wide range of current and new innovations and technologies to solve complicated problems, pain points and challenges in your business operations and give you insight into valuable data. It is leaning into technology to assist you, rather than viewing it as a barrier.

In years gone by, digital transformation has meant things like adopting smartphones and internet-connected tablets to use in offices and in the field, it has meant migrated information and systems into the cloud and moving away from in-house servers and it has been changing the way we market to include social media networks, streaming channels and more.

But when we talk about digital transformation in 2020, what does it truly mean? Because the future is no longer pending, it is right here on our doorstep and businesses that do not regularly undertake digital transformations risk being left behind.


The challenges of digital transformation in 2020

While it all sounds well and good to leap into the technological era, this is not an easy reality for many businesses across most industries.

We are facing real-world challenges that mean just keeping the lights on becomes the primary challenge and investment in expensive technologies and innovations is not viable, no matter what benefits they may offer.

But the important thing to recognise about digital transformation is that this does not have to be an overnight process and it does not have to involve enormous investment in technologies – which carries many risks in itself.

Before diving headfirst into the Internet of Things, connected cities and artificial intelligence, digital transformation can and should simply mean opening your mind to digital possibilities and slowly dipping your toe in the water.

Mindset is key, the first step is to embrace automation and innovation by embracing those cloud-based applications and storage platforms and trialling new ways to do business before trying to rip every single operation over to entirely new platforms.

Automation is one of the key benefits of technology and an important reason why every business should undergo a digital transformation. Embracing this fact and trialling new ways of doing things is the first important step towards a successful digital transformation that is tailored to your needs.


Why procurement is the ideal starting point for your digital transformation

When it comes to procurement, businesses tend to automate the process or do it completely manually – there is rarely a middle ground.

Those that have already move their procurement over to automated applications have already carried out a digital transformation and are probably already experiencing the enormous benefits that come with it.

But for those that are still using manual processes in 2020, this is a simple part of your operations that you can change to begin your digital transformation.

It means eliminating orders by hand and the potential for errors that come with that process, it means enormous time efficiencies through automation instead of constant back-and-forths with suppliers and vendors, it means pre-approving purchases to speed the process up even further, it means a defined workstream, simplified processes and an assurance that all procurement will be carried out so that there are never empty shelves or cupboards. And it also gives you access to compliance information as well as data which can be used to demonstrate and analyse trends.

Online Procurement Services (OPS) is a complete e-procurement platform that will deliver all of that – and more. OPS gives you access to thousands of existing suppliers pre-loaded into our system and available at your fingertips, as well as access to a significant Indigenous supplier database.

As well as time and cost efficiencies, you will also have a window into the reputation of potential suppliers so that you can choose from options you know will not let you down. Want to stick with your current, trusted suppliers? Not a problem, simply feed it into our application and the process will be automated for you.

Contact us today to get to know the OPS platform better and understand how simple it can be to undertake a digital transformation and improve your business operations in rapid time.